Third Party Intervention

Slash costs with Third-Party demands

AAMC’s Third Party Intervention (TPI) service is a component of our Repair Management ecosystem. It can be offered as a stand-alone strategy to tackle the high cost of third party demands. Our TPI program effectively reduces costs on third party demands by up to 60% when compared with a passive reactionary model.


From the moment an accident occurs and a not-at-fault party is identified, our focus is on proactive intervention, ensuring the third party’s vehicle is allocated the correct reinstatement path. This in turn, ensures quality, timeliness and cost containment.

AAMC is committed to achieving outcomes for our clients that ensure quality, cost and timeliness are always the priority.

End-to-End Third Party Services

A key component of our end-to-end Repair Management service is our TPI strategy. It is focused on mitigating costs associated with not-at-fault third party demands including vehicle repair, associated hire car and legal costs.

You will be supported by a dedicated team specifically skilled to service your not-at-fault third parties. By engaging the third party immediately, we will proactively manage the repair process. This ensures that the most cost-effective claim outcome is reached.

Our team is equipped with digital technology that enables the third party to submit photos of the damaged vehicle and be provided with updates throughout the repair process.

Everything you need to
control third parties and cut costs

We have developed a comprehensive supply chain including motor body repairers, salvage, towing, and rental vehicle partners across the nation. Our supply partners are deployed to provide a responsive service to not-at-fault third parties to minimise inconvenience and control expenditure for our clients. Our partner repair network incorporates repairers across Australia including rapid repair facilities for minor damage, approved repairers for prestige and specialist vehicles, together with fleet and heavy commercial vehicles.

Our TPI team will monitor the progress of the repair to ensure a rapid turnaround time and keep the customer updated as the repair progresses, thus reducing unnecessary contact with your claims personnel.

If a vehicle is deemed to be a total loss, AAMC will also agree the settlement figure with the third party and advise options regarding the salvage.

Why partner with us for Third Party Intervention?

Reduced Costs in Indemnity & Claims

Eliminate costs associated with inflated repairs, inaccurate total loss pre-accident valuations, storage, legal fees, and unnecessary hire vehicles.

Improved Efficiency

Free up your internal resources so they can focus on your insured customers and reduce the touchpoints in your claims process.

Compliance and Code Obligations

Compliance and Code of Practice obligations can be hard to keep up with. Our team is specifically trained in compliance to support you.

Enhance your brand & reputation

Easily promote your brand to potential new customers and improve your services’ capacity for BAU claims for your policyholders.

Everything you need to streamline repairs and cut costs.

We work with repairers – whether part of our Preferred Repairer Network or chosen by the claimant – to ensure costs are carefully monitored while always prioritising quality and efficiency.


We know you need an agile and reliable loss assessing and repair management service. Our team has proven and meticulous processes to streamline communication to eliminate gaps in your process, ensure accuracy in all stages, and to contain costs.