Loss Assessing

Security for your motor claims

At AAMC, our goal is to enable success for our insurance and fleet clients by delivering Australia’s most comprehensive assessing service, when and where it is needed.


We are committed to our clients achieving their service and cost containment goals in claims administration. By ensuring all activity reflects our core values of Quality, Cost and Timeliness, our clients will deliver excellence in all aspects of their motor claims portfolio.

National Coverage

Our team of motor loss assessors are located across Australia, providing on-road motor loss assessing coverage to all capital cities and regional centres.


All AAMC staff will work to deliver the most cost-effective outcome to our clients, without compromising on quality. Our team delivers accurate, concise and professional assessment reports in a timely fashion, whilst providing updates to all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the repair.


All AAMC assessors are trade-qualified, hold a Certificate IV in Vehicle Loss Assessing and complete the General Insurance Code of Practice each year. Our assessors also undertake ongoing technical assessing training.

Our Specialist Services

We prioritise what’s important to our clients

We know you need an agile and reliable loss assessing and repair management service. Our team has proven and meticulous processes to streamline communication to eliminate gaps in your process, ensure accuracy in all stages, and to contain costs.

We engage a comprehensive onboarding program that will tailor a solution specific to your claims needs, to ensure the service, quality and cost outcomes are optimised for both you and your customers.

Why partner with us for Loss Assessing?

Extensive range of technical specialists

If it has wheels, an engine, or even moving parts, we have an expert loss assessor ready to assess the damage. We are committed to delivering a comprehensive loss assessing service, so we have a range of experts available.

We develop and train our own assessors

We have our own, in-house team of assessors. So, when you need us, we can guarantee we’ll get an assessor there as soon as possible.

Nation-wide coverage

We work with a range of national insurers. So, it’s important we have the coverage to offer a comprehensive service. We have loss assessors in every corner of the nation. 

We get it right the first time

There isn’t time for mistakes in insurance. It’s essential we get it right the first time, so we hire expert loss assessors to do just that.

Suspicious Third Party Costs

Loss Assessing

We were engaged by one of our insurance clients to handle a third-party repair after some suspicious repair costs arose. It was a relatively minor claim following a low-speed impact incident. So, the cost didn’t quite add up. AAMC managed to secure a 45% saving in the repair cost for our insurance client and we had the matter resolved 30% faster. There was no extra cost to the insurer and the insured’s car was repaired using only original parts.